Modern Mazda Uses TruVideo to Provide Excellent Customer Communication

September 20th, 2019 by

Modern Mazda – Thomaston, CT

Even wonder why some dealerships still operate like it’s 1965?  At Modern Mazda, we do things the way customers them to be done.  Using TruVideo, a revolutionary video and texting platform, customers can see and understand our services and products better than ever before.

There is no software or app for the customer to download.  In just one click they can view their personalized video and communicate one-on-one with the dealership.  Whether their car is in for service and needs repairs or they are interested in a car we have in stock.  With TruVideo, the customers can “see” the vehicle without actually being at the dealership.  When the customer receives the video, they can ask questions, share it with a friend, authorize the repairs… and even pay right from their mobile device.

To get a personalized video of any car we have in stock, just submit a form from the vehicle you are interested in.

When your car is in for service, a video will be provided for you every time you come in.

To learn more about the TruVideo platform, or to book a demo to see how TruVideo can help you, visit the company’s website or fill out the short online webform.